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Chaperone Policy

This practice is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment and strives to achieve good practice at all times.

All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present during any consultation, examination or procedure. Clinicians at this practice will advise patients that a chaperone is necessary during any intimate examination. This is to safeguard both the clinician and you, the patient.

Where a chaperone is not available, the clinician will ask you to make an appointment and request the presence of a chaperone
at the time of booking.

We will use trained staff as chaperones as they have had the appropriate training and have knowledge of the examination or procedure you may be undergoing.

Family and friends are not permitted to act as chaperones as they are not deemed impartial, do not have the knowledge required and nor do they have the necessary training. Should you wish to see the full chaperone policy, please ask to speak to the practice manager.

If you have any questions, please speak to the reception staff who will direct you to an appropriate member of the team.


Stop Smoking Service

Everyone Health Staffordshire

Staffordshire County Council have recently changed the access criteria for the Stop Smoking Service. The criteria has now opened up so anyone over the age of 40 who resides within Staffordshire can now access Everyone Health’s free Stop Smoking Programme.

The programme is delivered over 12 weeks by Everyone Health’s dedicated Stop Smoking Practitioners and Nicotine Replacement Therapy or Champix® is provided in conjunction with support. At present, the programme is being delivered via phone support and NRT is posted directly to the patient.

To self-refer please call 0333 005 0095, alternatively you can text the word QUIT to 60777 and a member of the team will be in touch to book the appointment.


Learning Disabilities Health Checks

We offer an annual health check for patients with learning disability needs. This is running slightly differently this year due to COVID-19.  To limit the amount of time spent in the surgery it will begin with a telephone consultation with one of the Advanced nurse practitioners followed by a short appointment in the surgery. Patients will be contacted to arrange this.


Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic clinics

The surgery continues with a commitment to help and support you to improve your control and reduce risks.

The surgery will see you annually for a blood test to check your kidneys, cholesterol and sugars and these results are followed up with you by the Diabetic Practice nurse and any adjustments to your medication made plus lifestyle support and advice with referrals and signposting to other areas that may be of benefit, ie Desmond Education course.

This annual check for anyone with diabetes will include a foot check to ensure any problems with skin or circulation, which can cause problems in diabetes patients, are found and treated as soon as possible. Advice in general foot check will also be given.

As well as this annual full check, for those with diabetes, a check on sugar control every 6 months also helps to support and improve ongoing control and reduce possible complications in the future.

JUNE 2020….Blood test are available for annual reviews and the follow up with the nurse is conducted over the telephone.


Childhood Immunisations

It is important to keep your child’s vaccinations and protection up to date….First baby health check and baby vaccines are at 8 weeks of age, followed by a further 2 lots at 12 and 16 weeks of age. The vaccination programme continues with boosters at 1yr and 3 years 4mths [pre school].

You will be contacted by the surgery when your child is due any of these vaccinations but if you are unsure if your child has missed any then please contact the surgery and this can be checked and appts made to give missing vaccines made.

Please contact the surgery if you have any concerns or questions about the vaccination programme and the nurse will help to answer your questions.

Nasal flu vaccinations will also be available for 2-4yr olds in oct/nov 2020.

JUNE 2020….We continue to give all scheduled childhood vaccinations in surgery.


Medical Secretaries


Referral Process

If you think you need to be referred to a hospital on an NHS or Privately basis you will need to make an appointment to speak to the doctor. The doctor will make a referral based on their clinical decision, please do not make a private appointment before you have spoken to the doctor.


If the doctor refers you on the NHS this may be an Electronic referral and the paperwork will be given to you by the doctor in the surgery, via a text message if you have a smart phone or emailed to you.

You can then arrange your own appointment either by phone or electronically.  If no appointments are available to you please click or ask to be deferred to the provider this will put you on the hospital list to be contacted when appointments are available.

Private Work

Private Letters/Forms

If you require a letter from a doctor you will need to book a telephone consultation to request this.  Please note simple letters are chargeable and are payable in advance.

If you have a form that needs completing by a doctor please drop these at reception by prior arrangement.  These will be sent to the secretaries who will contact you with the appropriate fee.  Please note the fee is payable before completion.

If you wish to speak to our secretarial team please call 01283 845555 and press option 4


Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing in Your GP Practice

Some problems can’t be fixed by medicine alone; with Social Prescribing you can get specialist support for more than medical issues. Our Social Prescribers can help you take control of your health and the care you receive. We are here to focus on what matters to you and to support you to navigate services within your community that could benefit you.

This could include linking you to services that may focus on:
• Social connections or hobbies & skills
• Healthy lifestyles
• Befriending or counselling support groups
• Housing, benefits & financial advice
• Employment, education or volunteering

Accessing the Social Prescribing service is free – some external services may require a fee however the Social Prescriber will work to find alternatives if required.
If you wish to access the Social Prescribing service please contact the surgery for more information.


Extra Access (Evening and Weekend Appointments)

If you require an evening or weekend appointment please ask our reception team. We work collaboratively across South Staffordshire practices and can book extended hours appointments at a number of neighbouring practices as well as our own on a rotational basis. Book yours today.


Sickness Certificates

You do not require a doctor’s sickness certificate for any illness lasting seven days or less. Your employer may however require you to complete a self-certification form (SC2) which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website.

Evidence that you are sick

If you are sick for more than seven days, your employer can ask you to give them some form of medical evidence to support payment of SSP (statutory sick pay).

Your employer can ask you to confirm that you’ve been ill. You can do this by filling in a form yourself when you return to work. This is called self-certification.

If you’re sick and off work for more than seven days, your employer will probably ask for proof of your illness. Most employers ask for a fit note from your GP.

However, this will also depend on your employer’s company policy on sick leave (or sickness absence). This policy should tell you how many days you can be off sick before you need to provide proof of illness or a fit note.

You could also provide evidence from someone who is not a medical practitioner, e.g. a dentist. Your employer will decide whether or not this evidence is acceptable. If your employer has any doubts, they may still ask for a medical certificate from your GP.

Statement of Fitness for Work – ’Fit Note’

The ‘fit note’ was introduced on 6 April 2010. With your employer’s support, the note will help you return to work sooner by providing more information about the effects of your illness or injury. Patients requesting an ongoing fit note will need to contact the surgery via telephone. The request will be passed to the Duty Doctor for assessment. If the Doctor needs to consult further they will contact the patient by telephone.

If the Duty Doctor does not need to consult further, the request will be processed and the fit note will be sent electronically to the patient.

PLEASE NOTE: The GP telephone booking slots available online cannot be used for fit note requests. Online bookings made for ongoing fit note requests will be cancelled by the practice.

We have taken this measure to ensure our GP’s can remain focused on patients clinical needs. Ensuring patients can access our service with their health concerns as quickly as possible. Fit notes will be processed separately to our usual surgery clinics.


Repeat Prescriptions

You may request repeat prescriptions until your doctor requires a review. Ordering prescriptions online is easy, register today on NHS App, alternatively you can post your request through the surgeries secure letter box or call your nominated pharmacy and order via  telephone. All repeat prescriptions are now electronic and sent to your nominated pharmacy for your collection or delivery.

*Please do NOT book GP telephone appointments for requesting repeat prescriptions.

Regular repeat prescriptions are reviewed by our clinical pharmacist. In preparation for the review you may be asked to have an investigation such as a blood test, to ensure the medications are safe for you. At the review, we will discuss your medication in the context of your treatment, how you feel about your medicines, your compliance and any concerns you may have. We also help align the medication on the repeat prescription and reconcile them with instructions from other clinics you may be attending.

Our clinical pharmacist can also help with any prescription queries such as ‘I’ve been discharged from hospital with a new medicine but it is not on my repeat prescription’ or ‘I am out of line with my medicines, I need them re-aligning’.  Please do not hesitate to contact our clinical pharmacist or our prescription clerk for assistance.

We are also working closely with our local chemists in respect to medicine shortages. So, whenever there is a supply concern, we aim to find a safe and suitable alternative for you in a proactive manner.

If you are on regular repeat prescriptions and have been so for many years – we can consider the electronic repeat dispensing service for you. This is where we work closely with your local chemist to ensure timely prescriptions are issued and managed by the chemist. It is a new and efficient way of getting your medicines. Please speak to our prescription clerk for further information.