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Appointments are automatically released daily on our booking system and can be booked online of via the telephone. If you require an appointment you can contact the surgery and we will offer you our next available telephone appointment with a clinician, this will usually be with an Advanced Care Practitioner (ACP). If our ACP requires you to be seen for face to face appointment they will book this for you, alternatively if your problem requires a GP they will arrange this for you too.

We have a number of video consultation appointments daily if you wish to speak to a Clinician over our video links in the privacy of your own home.

It is practice policy that all patients will be asked by our reception team for a brief reason for their appointment and when booking online we ask that you provide a brief reason for your appointment too. This is a requirement asked by our GPs as it enables clinicians a short amount of time to prepare for your consultation. Knowing the reason for your call helps GPs prioritise and allows us to book the right length of time for your appointments. We want you to get the right appointment; this may not necessarily be with a GP but could be a Advanced Care Practiioner Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Health Care Assistant or Clinical Pharmacist.

There are also number enquiries that the reception team can deal with directly, these include  medication queries, administrative queries and much more. In some cases we can simply assist you at the first point of call. We thank you for supporting active signposting at our Practice.

Providing you have updated us with your current mobile number, you will be sent a SMS confirmation of your appointment and a reminder. You are able to cancel appointments via SMS also.

Please note all our appointments are 10 minutes for one reason only. GPs will ask patients to re book if they wish to discuss further matters.